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Brand Guidelines


Curatr offer unique, limited-run items across a range of furnishings, jewellery and gifts. They wanted to target a high-income luxury market with sophisticated design sensibilities, and this had to be reflected in their identity. Using Instagram as their primary marketplace meant challenges of an audience familiar with high quality imagery and used to (and somewhat cynical of) being marketed to.

logo design

logo development

The client had a first draft logo they had designed and wanted something with a similar feel. This gave us a great starting direction for the identity and to create something that would work for the target market and also appeal to the client’s personal taste. The logo is clean and modern with a strong graphic element that can be used to support marketing and communications materials.

Curatr Visual Elements

the result

The client was very happy with the result and decided to extend the project to create their total digital presence and company website.

social media